Xiaomi Smart Band 7 AMOLED Full Screen Fitness Tracker with spO2

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  • 1.62 Inch 490×192 AMOLED display
  • Blood oxygen saturation monitoring
  • Optical heart rate sensor
  • Blood oxygen saturation monitoring
  • 5ATM water resistance
  • 100+ watch faces
  • 110+ sport modes
  • 180mAh battery

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Xiaomi Smart Band 7

Smart Band 7

Xiaomi Smart Band 7

Step up your game

Xiaomi Smart Band 7


1.62'' AMOLED high-resolution display with always-on mode

100+ custom band faces

All-day SpO₂ monitoring

Sleep monitoring

VO₂ max professional workout analysis

Heart rate monitoring

Colorful straps

Supports 110+ sports modes

5ATM water resistance*

14-day battery life*





Xiaomi Smart Band 7


Xiaomi Smart Band 7

New band faces, New attitudes

100+ Dynamic Band Faces

With more advanced graphic rendering and smoother animation effects, both the exclusive dynamic band faces and the customlized ones become superior. Your favorite from your album is always on for you with AOD always-on mode.



New colors, new statements

Find the eye-catching quartet

Neon Green|Neon Orange|Khaki Green|Khaki Blue

Xiaomi Smart Band 7



More fun colors


*Xiaomi Smart Band 7 comes with a black strap, straps of other colours must be purchased separately. Color options may vary depending on the location

Xiaomi Smart Band 7

Xiaomi Smart Band 7

The Professional Workout Analysis*



Supports 110+ Sports Modes

A wide variety of sports modes help you keep a track of the burned calories, heart rate changes, and workout durations.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7


Going to the water with you

5ATM water resistance*

Support pool swimming, snorkeling, and intelligent recognition of the 4 common swimming styles.Xiaomi Smart Band 7




Xiaomi Smart Band 7

No Loose end on Your Health

All-day SpO₂ monitoring

Blood oxygen saturation (SpO₂) is a key indicator of a person's overall health, reflecting the oxygen levels in the blood. Xiaomi Smart Band 7 band will vibrate to alert you if your blood oxygen level is too low (<90%) to protect you from potential health risks. *

All-day heart rate monitoring

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 tracks your real time heart rate all day long and delivers precise reviews in easy-to-read graphs. The band will vibrate to alert when your heart rates fall out of the safe zone.*

Xiaomi Smart Band 7

145 bpm During intense workout

175 bpm Unusually high heart rate

*The pictures and heart rate data above is for example only. The heart rate zones may vary depending on your individual features.

79 bpm Everyday state

65 bpm During sleep

Sleep Quality Tracking

The band monitors your sleep patterns with care and accuracy. You can find detail statistics regarding deep sleep, light sleep and REM* phase on your smartphone to help you understand your sleep quality.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7

*REM: need to turn on advanced sleep monitoring in additional settings on Mi Fitness to have this feature.

More About Your Health

Xiaomi Smart Band 7

Female Health Management

Personal Activity Index

Stress Level Monitoring

Deep Breath Exercise

Xiaomi Smart Band 7

Magnetic Charging with Extended Battery Life

With typical usage mode*  14 Days

With Heavy usage mode*  9 Days




More Useful Features:


Find My Phone

Countdown Timer

Tomato Clock

Weather Forecast

Stand Up Alerts

Incoming Call Notification*

Unlock My Phone


Silent Mode

Flash Light

Do Not Disturb

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